murari devi temple

Murari Devi temple is a great and famous place in the beautiful city Sundernagar (Mandi) of Himachal Pradesh.

This temple is on the top of a holy hill called Murari Dhar in the west of the beautiful city, which is also known as Sikandra Rei Dhar (ancient name).

It is believed that this temple was founded by the Pandavas during their “AGYATWAAS”. Murari Devi also has some rocks on which some large human footprints can be seen and the locals say that these footprints are of Pandavas.

The Amar Katha of Mata Murari Devi Ji :-

murari devi temple

In ancient times, there was a mighty monster called Moore on Earth.

That monster took the terrible penance of Brahma ji for the purpose of defeating the gods and sought blessings from him that I should become immortal and no god or human could kill me.

Then Brahma ji said that I am bound by the laws of the law, therefore you can not boast of being immortal, but I boast that your slaughter will not be done by any god, human or animal but by the hands of a daughter Will happen.

The arrogant Moore monster thought that I am so powerful, where can a simple and ablah girl kill her? I am immortal.

Thinking that the monster started torturing the earth masses.

He invaded the heavens and expelled the gods from there and became himself the King of Heaven.

All the creatures are grateful for their atrocities. He used to be very furious because the creatures had to endure many hardships.

All the gods went to Lord Vishnu, then God said, do not worry, I will definitely redress your sufferings.

The war between Lord Vishnu and Moore’s monster started, which continued for a long time.

Seeing that the war did not end, Lord Narayana remembered that Moore’s slaughter could only be done by the girl’s hand, thinking that she was lying in a cave on the hill called Sikandra Dhar (Sikandar Rei Dhar) located in the Himalayas.

When Moore came there looking for them, he saw that God is in sleep and should fight against God with arms, thought that a girl was born from God’s body with five senses, 5 karmendrias, 5 body treasures and minds such as 16 senses.

The little girl (Murari Devi) defied Moore for the war. Then there was a fierce battle between the moore and Virgo girls.

The goddess killed Muro’s monster by attacking his weapon. Lord Vishnu addressed this Divya girl in the name of Murari Devi due to the slaughter of Moore monster.

According to another opinion, due to the birth of Lord Vishnu, also called Murari, it became famous as the Goddess Murari (Murari Devi) and established on the same hill as two pillars, one of which was called Pindi to calm down And the second is considered the form of Kalarati.

Due to Mata Murari, this hill became famous as Murari Dhar.

In the Dwapar era, when Pandavas were cutting their ignorance, they came to this place. The goddess appeared to him and said that digging on the top of the hill and digging it, you will find two pillars on it.

Make a temple at that place and establish those groups. According to the mother’s orders, Pandavas built a magnificent temple there.

Even today, going down a little below Murari Devi temple, the footprint of Pandavas can be seen on some stones.

Divine power (Murari Devi) has delivered the effect of its presence directly and indirectly by the people of this region.

In the same way, the caravan of people’s faith increased and in 1992, the mother devotees of almost a dozen villages of this region formed a committee and after that the financial support of those who have tremendous reverence and commitment of the Committee, commitment, service, honesty, This unprecedented project is a public one with a flower of devotion and dedication.

murari devi

The huge gaganchumby grand temple, Sareyan, Bhandara building, and property treasure has now become a heritage of this Shaktipeeth.

In the Murari Devi Mandir premises, since 2005, the unbreakable bhandare(food) was started by Baba Kalyan Das (Kala Baba ji). There is a provision for the stay of more than a thousand devotees in the temple.

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