Shikari mata Temple

Goddess Shikari Devi Temple, situated on the highest peak of the Mandi district of Himachal, does not tolerate the roof in her temple.

Mata(MOTHER) Shikari Devi is happy to be seated under the open sky. Rain, storm, storm, mother likes to live under the open sky.

The interesting aspect is that the ice does not last forever on the mother’s body. This time it has happened as well.

Snowfall took place after November 16, but snow does not last on the mother’s body.

At the height of 11 thousand feet, the Mata Shikari Devi Temple attracts everyone.

Shikari Devi Temple Complex is the abode of Sixty-Four yogic who is all powerful. Shikari Devi is considered the most powerful GODDESS in the Mandi district.

In the court of the Goddess, not only the Home states but also from other states, devotees of Goddess travel far and wide for visit.

The hunter-gatherers and devotees of the Shikari Devi Temple attract tourists and pilgrims. 

In the snowfall, because of the thick shivering of the mother Shikari Devi, the valve of the temple of Goddess is closed for almost three months.

Whereby the mother is imprisoned for three months in the snow.

In snowfall, administration ban on devotees and tourists for Mother’s views.

However, many devotees of the mother devotees to reach the Goddess in the snow to receive blessings from the Goddess in the snow.


A story is prevalent about how the temple of Shikari Devi was established.

It is said that when a game of gambling was being played between Pandavas and Kauravas, 

then a woman persuaded her that she could not be avoided by playing, and due to gambling, Pandavas had to be exiled by leaving their palace .

When Pandav was living their exile, they came to this area and stayed here for some time

One day when Arjun and other brothers saw a beautiful deer, they wanted to hunt him, but the deer did not come even after pursuing a lot.

All the Pandavas started the discussion of the deer, that Is the deer was elusive?

only then Akashwani was the power to dwell on this mountain, “I warned you before gaming but you did not believe and therefore today you face exile”.

The Pandavas pray for forgiveness, and goddess has told them that I am sitting on this mountain as a Navdurga And if you find my statue and establish it then you will regain your kingdom.

Pandavas did the same thing and they got the statue of Navdurga, which Pandavo established with the whole legislative law.

Since the goddess was found in the form of a victim of an antelope, so the goddess was called Shikari Devi.


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